Walkabout meets me officially for the first time

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Published on: July 23, 2013

IMAG0301Walkabout, the day I met her officially for the 1st time. June 4, 2011.
I had been ogling her for years; she was over on the “nice boats” side of the marina – of course there was no such section, it was just a case of ‘the grass is always greener’.

Beautiful barometer



The cockpit is going to need a little attention, I think.


clock, duh
Magnificent Seth Thomas clock, in perfect working order




Yes, this cockpit really wants some attention.
Yes, this cockpit really wants some attention.


The previous owner was quite hones about all this, thankfully
The wire plugged in to the AC mains goes to the gel cel battery charger. Sadly there are no living batteries aboard, just dead lead acid batteries.


flag halyards even!
The rig looks okay, in fact it looks quite nice. The mast was awl-gripped a year ago, [well, maybe a couple years methinks, but still in fine shape]. My thumb looks okay too.
That upholstery was as scratchy as it looks. Space-age modern textiles of the early 60s were not all that comfortable. Well maybe they were once, but they're sure not anymore!
It will be warm and cozy down here when it’s cold and miserable on deck. She is not officially for sale when I took these pictures, I was just urging him to sell her to me. I must have been so annoying.


It is possible
Not only was he not really too keen on selling his gorgeous boat, he was also not expecting any company. “Someone has been living aboard I think.” said he.


The chain pawl looks great there now; I am not sure where I am going to mount the Simpson Lawrence windlass I got for her.
“I got a chain pawl that fits right on there, I just have not put it on yet. I’ve been redoing the foredeck since my old windlass died.” He really was too, I have all the old parts, but it’s really quite dead, and it looks like it was never all that great.
Incidentally, he also removed all the teak decking except for in the cockpit and replaced it with excellent non-skid.


"She's not for sale."
Nice anchor rollers, furling jib, LED nav lights, bronze everything, and cubic hectares of brightwork. I am in love [and also probably a bit mad].
Here's a toothbrush. Get scrubbing!
The head looks nice, probably. The grossness frightened me somewhat; it ended up completely benign, and cleaned up quickly and easily with vinegar. She had been sitting for a rather long time.


He sold me the boat, so I guess I did kind of okay
Hong Kong had some pretty damned good woodworkers. The whole interior, while a bit dirty, is incredibly nice. I am clearly smitten, but trying pretty hard to hide it by being overly critical.


Truly a gem in the rough. It took me a month to convince him to sell, and at the last moment I had actually given up and started looking at other boats again when he called me and accepted my offer.

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